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Flowers of the Heart

John Fizer was born on May 31st, 1945, and currently lives in Berkeley, California.
He picked up his first guitar at the age of 18, inspired by the works of Bob Dylan and other contemporary folk musicians while he was studying in Virginia.

While he served in the military, he was called upon to perform to thousands of troops, and he played Dylan's Masters of War, much to the chagrin of his superior officers.

John spent some of the best years of his life sharing his songs with the students of UC Berkeley and with those he met on his travels around the States, turning down a career in music to be, simply, a musician.

John Fizer is a model citizen that knows Love is the answer to life's most difficult questions. He is home-free and like many of his generation has been left to fend for himself, a task he takes on gracefully.

This collection of works has been resurrected from old VHS tapes recorded at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, California in the early 1980s, as well as from his album entitled The Kitchen Mix which was recorded in, you guessed it, a kitchen, in 2000.

As John has aged it has become his endeavor to preserve his works for generations to come, and with the help of Paul Blake at the Berkeley Media Center, this dream has come to fruition. These works are preserved in downloadable format (because if we gave John a bunch of CD's, he'd probably just give them all away for a smile).

Please take some time to listen to John's music and feel the life time of love and toil that went into making it. He offers them free of charge for you to enjoy. Any money that you can donate will go directly to John to help him pay cover only the basics - all that he needs.

John Fizer's Home Page

Flowers of the Heart

John will be 68 this year, and currently lives in Berkeley, CA.

A message from John

This is about leaving my music forever. These are the songs
I want you to save, I want you to hear. Thank you.

-John Fizer

Welcome home.

Recently, a cache of old recording were found and digitized to create body of work consisting of "songs of love to be sung to the wind" as he says it himself. This website is a celebration of an American folk musician's life works. Thirty years of effort went into this body of music, and John Fizer created it for all peoples of the world.

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